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The community is a closed and private platform to share and discover with other developers and engineers.


Joining a group of people with the same interests will bring you a lot of fun and connections to experience it.


Oh, we can also provide you with a new journey or challenge. Not because we have to, just because we can. Contact us.

Career Counseling

Sometimes to best move in your career is to stay where you are now. If you have any doubts about that, we are here.


Inside our community and with our partners we created a tool to educate yourself. It's free. But we hope you share your knowledge.


Is there anything else? Oh yes there is. We got real estate agents, lawyers, creators and much more waiting for you.

Meet our team

Mitchel Volkering


Mitchel Volkering

As the founder of VaIcaT, I am proud to tell you that this platform growing with hundreds of new members every month. We know that many recruiters aren't really the champion of truth-telling. Their recent actions merit a certain allowance for disbelief. VaIcaT is different. It's yours and it is loyal. If there is to be an alliance between us, it will be one of your design.

Azize Benyk

Talent Advisor

Azize Benyk

(Foreign) Talent is what makes The Netherlands even better. Knowledge from all over the world is welcome here. VaIcaT wants to create a platform that can control and release options/tools to move to the Netherlands as knowledge migrant. The IT heroes, wizards and rangers can get in contact with me if they need support in the progress. I simply just want to help this beautiful enabler to a new world of "community style connecting".

Renee van Son

Talent Advisor

Renee van Son

Bij "GEWOON, mensen." ben ik eigenlijk gewoon mens. Zoals jijzelf. Een verschil tussen jou en mij kan zijn dat ik beschikking heb over het netwerk van Vaicat. Dit is een community van IT developers met duizenden leden. Zelf mag ik helaas niet naar binnen, maar ik mag jou wel uitnodigen als developer of engineer. Ook zijn daaromheen aardig wat partners opzoek naar jou. Ik vertel ze dan ook graag jouw verhaal en andersom. We zijn tenslotte allemaal GEWOON, mensen. We praten dan ook het liefst GEWOON, met en over mensen. Wat is jouw verhaal?

Adora Sanchez

Marketing & Event Manager

Adora Sanchez

Yoeri van Lousden

Hand of the Developer

Yoeri van Lousden

VaIcaT recently changed it's way of working with developers on their future and career. We upgraded the community to a career counseling platform. Still focussed on developers, yet our mission now isn't just to make the match but to share our knowledge and help developers apply for jobs themselves. We can help developers with pitching their skills, practicing interviews and check their CV with them if they want to. This makes you Hand of the Developer at VaIcaT.

From the blog

Changes coming to VaIcaT this september

VaIcaT has always been a wild adventure. We always try to make ourselves useful in the best way possible. Our passion for tech has only grown bigger and bigger. Getting invited to WWDC19 was a milestone we never saw coming, gathering with developers at Google HQ is one of the most memorable moments in our […]

Join us next time for WWDC, it’s on us!

If you are a VaIcaT developer and you found your new adventure through our *services, in 2019 and beyond, you are eligible for a free WWDC ticket for Apple’s next WWDC. It’s not just a cool place for app developers or developers specific to the Apple brand/their products. WWDC is an awesome gathering place for […]

Welcome to Next Generation VaIcaT

Welcome hero, you have been selected to test our new web-app for VaIcaT. We’re currently working on new tools and features for VaIcaT and the community. We believe that VaIcaT as a community has grown out of the Reddit and Blogger environment. It’s not manageable for us to ensure our member’s safety on those platforms so […]

Google Next Event (Amsterdam)

Yep, VaIcaT was at Google Next. And this is what we’ve experienced. First, it’s time for the keynote. With Philips Hue and more companies/brands that explained how/why they use Google Cloud services. We also learned more about the Image and Video AI (Machine Learning) API’s. It was a funny but not so brief keynote. The […]

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