21 June 2017

Google Next Event (Amsterdam)

Yep, VaIcaT was at Google Next. And this is what we’ve experienced. First, it’s time for the keynote. With Philips Hue and more companies/brands that explained how/why they use Google Cloud services. We also learned more about the Image and Video AI (Machine Learning) API’s. It was a funny but not so brief keynote. The demos were too quick to really experience the good parts but you could clearly see the passion for the services on stage. So it’s fine anyway.


Well, an important thing Google mentioned at Google Next is: “Don’t be worried”. Developers and companies seem to be worried about the next step, and what Google services they should pick. This specific topic here was more like vCPU’s and how many you should need as part of machine learning. They pointed out that they have many services that you can combine and change when you need something else. The important lesson here is: we all love tech and what you can do with it. Sometimes you need to be brave to use something new and just go with your feeling.



Philips Hue

So Philips Hue is something else. It’s not a hard thing to understand and you can use it in a lot of creative ways. What I liked about the keynote was that Philips Hue told us about what it takes to turn on the light in 2017. It’s awesome to see how many tech and code is activated it that small time frame of asking Google Assistant to turn it on and the actual activation. I am excited for the future of this tech.


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