22 June 2017

Welcome to Next Generation VaIcaT

Welcome hero, you have been selected to test our new web-app for VaIcaT. We’re currently working on new tools and features for VaIcaT and the community. We believe that VaIcaT as a community has grown out of the Reddit and Blogger environment. It’s not manageable for us to ensure our member’s safety on those platforms so we have decided to move forward and started working our own servers. Therefore we want to announce the following changes:

Privacy and Safety

We will provide a totally new way to connect with other developers and engineers for you. Which will be focussed on privacy and safety, you will be in control of your data and we will help you delete what you want to delete if you can’t on your own. Don’t be afraid… Our sub-Reddit will stay the same and available for all of you. We promise to keep them both up to date. When our new platform launches it will be impossible to join to old one. We are sorry about that. Our friends invite friends system will still allow friends to join the community when they are members of the new community.

The end of Blogger & VaIcaT

We loved using Blogger. It really got us where we are now. But as the company is expanding we really need to move away from services that aren’t ours. So we made our own web app that provides you new insights and a better way to interact with us. You’re are on that very app, right now. If you’re done reading this, we would like to invite you to our check the app and tell us if you love or hate it.

Jobs and Partners

Not that long ago we started looking at projects instead of vacancies. We asked our partners if we can help on project level instead of recruitment. This helped us providing you as a hero to get more information on what you can do, experience and learn from the job. We promised to not be any other recruitment firm. Well, we’re not. We are a community. A community you’ve built with us. A lot more jobs and projects are coming. Stay tuned on that.

New community

The new community will get a massive upgrade. They will include work tools, how to’s, skill trainers, education and more. We like to bring you in contact with developers and engineers all over the world without recruiters to interrupt you asking if you want a new job. The reason we can do that is that a lot of you come to our talent advisors and scouts to ask for a new job if you need it. It’s enough for us and our partners. So believe me when I say you won’t be contacted by us for that matter. But we will contact you for hackathons, game events, and much more. (Only when your toggle for us to contact you is “on”, default is “off”).

Wrap it up

You learned a lot about us. We hope you will join us and thousands of others in this new journey. If you need anything catch the founder himself on Mitchel@vaicat.com. Thank you for reading this and welcome to our first step into the future of VaIcaT. Next Generation VaIcat.