10 June 2019

Join us next time for WWDC, it’s on us!

If you are a VaIcaT developer and you found your new adventure through our *services, in 2019 and beyond, you are eligible for a free WWDC ticket for Apple’s next WWDC. It’s not just a cool place for app developers or developers specific to the Apple brand/their products. WWDC is an awesome gathering place for the best talent in the world to connect and celebrate innovation. We want to take you with us on that journey, guess what? For you… the WWDC tickets are completely free.


What is WWDC?

Not everyone calls it WWDC. Some people refer to it as Dub Dub or Apple’s developers event. It’s basically the time of the year where you as a developer can see, test, use and create stuff with/on the tech of the future. We will pay for your ticket, Apple developer account and if you don’t have the latest Apple devices we have spare ones for you to check the new features out on.


“What do I need to do?”

If you have a complete process with our talent team you’re eligible for this free ticket. You can ask anyone connected to VaIcaT for your ticket. Please note that we’re not working above Apple’s rules and guidelines. They still apply, also the ticket limitations can work against us as well. We are working on support for all the other Apple events as well. If you do not which to go to WWDC because for example you’re more of a hardware fan. For now we cannot offer you a ticket for the other events but you can opt for the latest Apple tech from the Apple Store with the same price tag. Read more about this option: here.


*Services means our recruitment process. A full recruitment process means that you got into a recruitment cycle via our recruiters and finished the process by getting hired by our client for at least 2 months.
**Please ask for all terms and conditions in a chat/mail/call with your VaIcaT representative.