28 July 2019

Changes coming to VaIcaT this september

VaIcaT has always been a wild adventure. We always try to make ourselves useful in the best way possible. Our passion for tech has only grown bigger and bigger. Getting invited to WWDC19 was a milestone we never saw coming, gathering with developers at Google HQ is one of the most memorable moments in our journey with you. What started as a small community on Reddit page is now a full grown company defending the rights and needs of developers and their future worldwide. From San Francisco to Turkey, from Turkey to the Netherlands and from the Netherlands to Brazil. It feels insane and we want to thank you for the amount of trust every single one of you have put into this platform.


We have a few rules in the office. An important one is that we stay true to our believes. After carefully researching our current services and the market we have concluded that we want to change our strategy and reboot with a few new features that might place others on a different focus level. A complete list of services that will run in the background or will disappear is available through your VaIcaT representative. Lets toast to the new features your elected DRD’s approved.


Career Counseling

Since we restarted recruitment processes in May we got a lot of feedback from the community. We love feedback and we want to act on it as fast as possible. VaIcaT understands that agency recruitment isn’t something the community needs right now. That’s why we announce our switch to Career Counseling models. This feature will help you as a developer understand how you could apply on jobs yourself. We collected a lot of information about companies worldwide and we will provide you a link to their Stack Overflow page if you want to switch jobs. Of course our community will be able to share information on the companies in a new closed and exclusive environment. One that can’t be reached by your employer. This will help you and your potential colleague to get exclusive data and inside information he/she might want to know before applying to a job. We are not planning on becoming a competitor to WoodWindow. It’s not our passion to create a list of salary ranges and company reviews that are public and probably outdated. We want you to be able to focus on passion for tech.


Why Career Counseling?

We have a lot of experienced recruiters in our team that have seen how clients respond to certain switches or developers attempting to switch. We have learned that sometimes it’s better to stay where you are for another few months or maybe it’s better to get a job in another country while you’re still under 30 years old as some laws in some countries can make it harder for you to join when you cross that number. These rules are boring and nobody really wants to know all about them, yet… we do. That being said, we feel like this is way more helpful for our community. We can help you setting up your CV, practice interviews, help you find key selling points on your resume and inform you about what we know about the company you want to work for. There are more options, please check in with your VaIcaT representative.


VaIcaT recruitment

VaIcaT Recruitment will end the processes that are ongoing at the moment. We will no longer accept new clients or other partnerships with companies in recruiter form. Our current clients will be able to get in touch with a developer who wants to apply for their jobs in a different way. If you’re a current user of our recruitment services, please get in touch with your VaIcaT representative for more information on this.


Developers community

Our communities were lovely. We loved building all of them and we still believe it’s one of the most creative things our developers have worked on for us. We recently fell in love with Stack Overflow and their tools for developers. We would love to meet you there. Our community: ‘This Tech Loves You’ will remain live but will be stripped of it’s tools that are similar to Stack Overflow. We will focus on content creation, covering big and small events plus our new Career Counseling platform will get a lovely spot there too.