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28 July 2019

Changes coming to VaIcaT this september

VaIcaT has always been a wild adventure. We always try to make ourselves useful in the best way possible. Our passion for tech has only grown bigger and bigger. Getting invited to WWDC19 was a milestone we never saw coming, gathering with developers at Google HQ is one of the most memorable moments in our […]

10 June 2019

Join us next time for WWDC, it’s on us!

If you are a VaIcaT developer and you found your new adventure through our *services, in 2019 and beyond, you are eligible for a free WWDC ticket for Apple’s next WWDC. It’s not just a cool place for app developers or developers specific to the Apple brand/their products. WWDC is an awesome gathering place for […]

22 June 2017

Welcome to Next Generation VaIcaT

Welcome hero, you have been selected to test our new web-app for VaIcaT. We’re currently working on new tools and features for VaIcaT and the community. We believe that VaIcaT as a community has grown out of the Reddit and Blogger environment. It’s not manageable¬†for us to ensure our member’s safety on those platforms so […]