C++ stealth engineers

Ever felt like working for Batman? Working behind the scenes, having all the research and knowledge you need to work and be a hero? We are looking for software engineers who are not afraid to work behind the scenes. Use stealth mode to work on major projects in for example multiple industries. Our clients work in industrial automation, the worlds stealthiest form of software development. Their software runs on major harbours in Rotterdam, to the amazing interactive LED bars on Amsterdam’s Airport Schiphol (which is longer than the Eiffel Tower). They work on projects with Porsche and Volkswagen, ASML and Philips, Wärtsilä and VDL. From providing the Netherlands with clean drinking water to saving lives in major hospitals worldwide. If you’re in this team, you change the world everyday, all day. Read more:


This software runs through the veins of major devices that are vital to infrastructure in the Netherlands. Millions of people trust you to create software that will help their kids focus on school with technology in LED lights in the classrooms. They trust you to maintain the software for our major filters and cleaners that provide clean drinking water. They will trust you with their cars, their houses, the shipping of their products and goods, the gas and energy infrastructure and much more. In short, if we would wake up in a world without you… We have a big oopsie on our hands!


To avoid the oopsie

We are looking for multiple stealth engineers so they can help they team that’s already in place or sometimes to create a new team. To avoid oopsies… our clients will give you:

Sick and new gear to work, drive and study with.

Challenging projects that are important for Dutch society or just insanely innovative for example: meant for luxury goods

A salary, but let’s be honest you value the smile on your manager’s face way more. Right? Okay DON’T click away! Kidding.

29 holidays, if you promise to comeback after.

Epic and dynamic work environment

The ability to join our clients Academy and learn from op to 40 years of experience/knowledge

And much more. Please ask one of your stalkers… uhh… I mean our recruiters if you need more information.


Match with the team

We don’t have a set of requirements. We asked our clients to work with us on creating a list of things you might want to have if you join the team. Before that happens we might need to prepare you for what the team expects of their new members:

4+ years of C++ experience in either Embedded fields or Application development (webdevelopers might have a harder time joining this team)

Experience in Energy, Healthcare, Automotive and/or Industrial Automation worlds

Bachelor and/or Master (PhD of course is always welcome here, please understand though that this is a hands-on job)

We also asked what tech the teams work with, not all of this is required to have. Most of these are “nice to have”. 🙂 Pick what you want. The team works with technology such as:

C++ (11-14), STL/Boost libraries
modelling, Object Oriented Analysis and Design, UML and Design patterns
Agile/Scrum methodology and test processes
GNU Bash, Python and Perl
mechanical engineering
computer system architectures, such as ARM
electronics (such as oscilloscope, soldering)
modern compliers such as GCC, LLVM and Clang
embedded operating systems such as Linux, VxWorks or RTOS
Buildroot, Open Embedded, Yocto and QT
Domain Specific Languages, ASD, Dezyne, Eclipse Modelling Framework (EMF), Sirius, Xtext.