LF: Rogue Java Developer

So, how many generic and boring Java vacancies have you seen in your days? Things like “As an experienced Java developer, you are…” or “Together with the Team Lead, you’ll develop…”. I mean, come on… Really? Schooling the developer on what a day as a developer looks like? Let me tell you what we can do together to change the world and combine that thought with the passion for tech. You want to go Rogue just like Chris Pratt did as the legendary Outlaw?┬áCease to follow orders; to act on one’s own, usually against expectation or instruction. To pursue one’s own interests. Go Rogue! Read more



Welcome to VaIcaT. There is a lot for confusion around the world “Rogue”. Most say it’s a hostile word because it promotes self-interest. But, this is your career. You should be thinking about yourself and your interests only, right? Let us help you with that. We have a select group of clients we gathered over the last 3 years. We carefully selected them based on developers experience, from developers we know and trust. It’s really important for us that the company has a diverse range of projects and jobs available and is willing to add value to the developers we might connect to them. They need your talent, your passion and your experience. Your presence in their projects will be vital to the success of the project and the people who have to use it. Our clients work on big machines like huge filters that create clean drinking water in The Netherlands, millions of people trust you with the software for it. All our clients work on projects that are either very important to society or just insanely innovative/meant for luxury goods like Porsche or VW.


What is a Rogue Developer?

Rogue developers work behind the scenes. A synonym for Rogue is Outlaw, like Star Lord? Legendary Outlaw? No? Okay… They work on software that will never be seen and sometimes even touched by the end user. In the past 3 years our Rogue Developers created software for big ships, the maintenance-program has to read the hardware of the ship out to check if it needs to be repaired. Opening these huge ships can costs up to a million dollars, you are the rogue developer who can make sure this information is available. Other projects you might find at our clients are LED lights for classrooms to help children/students focus or be more active / responsive. The lights dim or brighten up when the class starts to get sleepy or too loud. But to go back to the bigger projects… talking about big… what about the biggest harbour in Europe? Connecting an insane version of IoT with realtime dynamic scheduling systems and autonomous vehicles that depend on your code to bring the imported goods to the right place at exactly the right moment. 1, 2, 3, seconds off schedule and things will start collapsing. These jobs are meant for Rogue developers. Important projects, with high value and teams with only the best developers. Developers like you.


Let’s go rogue, match with your team

The rogue developers we have selected in the past use these technologies, but this is not a list of requirements. This is a list of things we recommend, if you don’t have all of these on you skill bar. No problem. Let’s focus on the tech you do know:

Java/JEE and/or JWEE
UML, data modeling, design patterns
testing frameworks as Junit and Mockito
configuration management systems as GIT or SVN;
databases such as Oracle or SQL and JPA ORM implementation or Hibernate;
CI/CD tools and techniques;


What do rogue developers get from our clients?

Epic gear to work with and drive in
A royal set of vacation days
Partial remote work options*
Optional training, guiding and studies at the academy
An awesome tech space in the heart of Eindhoven (silicon valley of Europe)
A good, competitive salary
And much much more. Ask your recruiter for more information


*We have no influence on the amount of remote workdays you get.
**Please note that a bachelor and/or master is required for this job offer.