.NET Coder Squad

To .NET or not… to .NET. That has been the question for a lot of companies. The war between Java and .NET has been going on for a while now. It’s time for you to join the battlefield. Our clients selected the .NET special forces for their project. Our invite-only policy for clients gives us control over the quality of the jobs available. Our projects won’t disappoint you. We run deep in healthcare systems, with machine so big and expensive that the hospital was built around it after the machine was created. If the machine breaks… it would be cheaper to create a new hospital. This is just one example, let me give you more.



The machine I told you about earlier is a machine that ‘could’ help with treating cancer. Our client created multiple toolkits for hospitals to help them help other patients with different issues. .NET special forces is a big responsibility. Almost all the projects we have are surrounded by heavy machinery with a big effect on the world. Our clients work with big logistics organisations too, these systems they use are mostly autonomous vehicles. They need to be connected in a way that only special forces can. If one vehicle turns where it shouldn’t or wait a second too long, things could go wrong on a level┬áhitherto undreamt of. The stakes are high. In The Netherlands, one of our clients had a challenge on creating a self efficient island. As it’s mostly disconnected from the Netherlands itself, they needed to created technology that would make it generate energy on its own. One bug, and thousands of people could be in the dark/cold. Child’s play is over, welcome to the .NET Coder Squad.


Our stealth team armed themselves

The Coder Squad already has special forces. The teams we selected before armed themselves with the following skillset:

.NET environments
Experience in .NET in ‘non-web development’ environments
BSc and/or MSc (PhD also welcome, please note… This is a hands-on coder job.)


What do our clients offer you?

Epic gear to work with and drive in
A royal set of vacation days
(Partial) remote work options*
Optional training, guiding and studies at the academy
An awesome tech space in the heart of Eindhoven (silicon valley of Europe)
A good, competitive salary
And much much more. Ask your recruiter for more information